Specification for a GE Mastr II receiver is .5 micro volts for 20 db quieting. For approximate check, put an AC volt meter on the speaker with squelch open. For example, if voltage is 1.2 volts and you supply .4 mv on receive frequency to the receiver in order to get the voltage down to .12 (a factor of ten) that means your receiver requires .4 volts for 20 db quieting. Adding a preamp with ban pass cavity in front will give even better results.  I always get better results than the specifications.

Duplexer on Bisky Mtn.

60 watts into duplexer 45 watts out

2 meter repeater CURRENTLY ON Bench:

I'm showing 210MW on excitor and 140 Watts output. Set to 78 watts

.500 µv for 20 db quiting into receiver

.14 µv for 20 db quitting into band pass cavity and Pre Amp: 5/26/18

2 Meter Backup Repeater 11/13/17 - CURRENTLY ON BISKY: 4/19/2018

.500 µv for 20 db quitting into receiver

.112 µv for 20 db quitting into band pass cavity and Pre Amp

Specification for exciter - 250MW

Notes: 10/19/2017

Added 9/4/2017 - Adjusting the power on the GE Maastr II.

The power amplifier is turned on with a NPN transistor with a heat sink tab on the back. To check a NPN transistor using an ohm meter:

1. Put - lead to emitter and + lead to base; it should show a reading. Reverse leads, and it should show open.

2. Put - lead to collector and + lead to base; it should read mega ohms. Reverse leads, and it shoud read open.

3. Emitter and collector should be open either way.

PNP conducts with leads switched.

When PA is active, base has 5 .2 volts. I use another identical transistor to turn the fan on with the 5 volts on the base of the PA transistor.

Notes on Remote Base on 224.48 Repeaters.

I use a TM701, the radios require a reset (Turn on with Mr button pressed) Step must set to 5 KHz after each reset. I have a problem that the radio locks up if you sent 5580 the controller says dc power off but it does not turn off and the radio requires a reset. 55# will reset the the Doug Hall RB1 not the radio. To use remote base Do Not Send 5580 it will require a trip to the mountain if you do. Load frequency, Turn on transmit. If you have problem reset the RB1.