Interior Modifications for Casita

I used walnut instead of oak but everything else is about the same except I did not do as good of finish job as Jerry. This is a very useful modification. It is sturdy and provides an excellent place to sit cooking items.

Jerry's stove cover modification from the Casita Club Forum

We carry drinking water for most trips. We fill up a second jug at the campsite for washing. Most of the time we never hook to camp water supply.

Another excellent tip for the Casita forum. I found the plastic closet hanger at the local Wal-Mart and it is almost a perfect fit.We bring the six containers inside to pack. We put two containers in the larger storage bin, one on top of the other. I could not fit 6 shelves and still have access to the bottom of the closet. We use the bottom of the closet for dirty closes. We now use larger containers than shown in photo below.