PL Decode Notes

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This page is my note on installing CTCSS decode on a GE Mastr II Repeater (not a converted mobil)

On the TS-32P decoder below, Pin 5 is the decode logic you must route to you controller. For the CAT controller

you route to Pin seven of the CAT.

Pin 5 from the decoder above is connected to Pin 7 of the middle connector shown below

On the back side of the system board, connect a 5 to 10 K pull up resister between pin 4 and 5 of the TSU 32 PL logic card

On the system board of the GE Mastr II Repeater, Cut the jumper between H41 and H42. If you use the GE Mastr II 10 switch card you do not have to remove the jumper. See picture below

The following is a GE Mastr II 10 switch card. These cards encode and decode. The card is set for a PL of 100 Hz.